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THIS IS NOT A TEST with Michael Phillips

What Time Is It?

It’s the first Saturday of the month, that’s what time it is, and that means a brand new episode of THIS IS NOT A TEST! Usually. But not today, brothers and sisters. I am still digging out from under a(nother) house move, and I just can’t at the moment. But I’ll be back as soon […]

THIS IS NOT A TEST is now on Pandora

Sound the alarm, now you can get your THIS IS NOT A TEST fix on Pandora. You can find it by searching for – you guessed it – THIS IS NOT A TEST on the Pandora Android app. I suppose that applies to the iPhone as well, but I don’t have any iAnythings to check […]

What a Pain in the Neck

You know how sometimes you tweak your neck somehow and the damn thing hurts for days (and days and days) and you’re walking around looking like Lurch or Frankenstein because you’re moving the whole top of your torso from side to side just to avoid moving your head from side to side? I have that. […]

New Instagram and Twitter accounts

For your following pleasure. That Google+ link is the same as it’s always been, but you’re not on Google+ anyway, so it’s probably a moo point. You probably should be on Google+, but that’s neither here nor there. There’s no Facebook link because…Facebook, no. And yes, I know that Instagram is Facebook. They’ll all be owned […]

THIS IS NOT A TEST is now on Spotify

I’ve been trying to get the show onto Spotify ever since they started serving up podcasts, but you can’t just stick your show on there, they have to decide to take it. It’s been so long since Libsyn submitted it for me that I kind of forgot about it, but I see that some time […]

Operators are standing by

I set up a phone number to use for recording interviews, but I probably won’t ever use it for that, seeing as this isn’t really an interview kind of joint (well, okay, with the exception of Carol Es, Mat Gleason and Hosho McCreesh). But since the number is there I may as well open it up […]

Please make it a session, not another version

Hi. Remember the beginning of the last thrilling episode, when I told you I was at the end of a week-long head and chest cold? Turns out I wasn’t. I spent another week or so sleeping pretty much around the clock and trying not to tip over from dizziness when I was awake. That put somewhat of a crimp […]

New “Studio”

For almost 7 months THIS IS NOT A TEST has come to you directly from my Los Angeles kitchen. Now it will be coming to you from about five feet away from the kitchen, in the dining room music room/library of my palatial rented estate. This was part of a comprehensive kitchen table reclamation project. […]