Not a podcast

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now in color

Now In Color!

This website has been a long white column since day one. It feels like it’s time to change that since everything else is changing. So here’s the opposite of a long white column, a haphazard […]

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not a test indeed

Skipping a Beat

Well, I missed the first Saturday of the month again. Do you know what PHP is? No? Consider yourself lucky. PHP is one of the things I use to build most of the websites I’ve […]

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Prince and Morris Day celebrate THIS IS NOT A TEST taking a week off

What Time Is It?

It’s the first Saturday of the month, that’s what time it is, and that means a brand new episode of THIS IS NOT A TEST! Usually. But not today, brothers and sisters. I am still […]

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What a Pain in the Neck

You know how sometimes you tweak your neck somehow and the damn thing hurts for days (and days and days) and you’re walking around looking like Lurch or Frankenstein because you’re moving the whole top […]

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Operators are standing by

I set up a phone number to use for recording interviews, but I probably won’t ever use it for that, seeing as this isn’t really an interview kind of joint (well, okay, with the exception of […]

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New “Studio”

For almost 7 months THIS IS NOT A TEST has come to you directly from my Los Angeles kitchen. Now it will be coming to you from about five feet away from the kitchen, in […]

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Size matters

Turns out I was making the audio files way too large. Twice the size they needed to be. So I’ve remedied that and replaced all of the existing episodes with their thinner and more chic counterparts. […]

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Leaving the terminal

This is where the mjp Books THIS IS NOT A TEST podcast will live in 2015. Preparing for takeoff. THIS IS NOT A TEST is brought to you via the magic of the Internet, and with the […]