THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - What Did You Do Today?

What Did You Do Today?

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - What Did You Do Today?

This morning I did something to this site and broke it. Then I broke it again, and now it’s fixed. I think.

What broke was an old (old) theme that I’d built a child theme around. I knew the day was coming because the parent theme has been defunct for years now, but you know how it goes. “If it ain’t broke,” and all that.

WordPress is a dogshit framework, I have to say. Not because of what happened today, that was my fault. But I have to laugh when I read how EASY it is to use, and how ANYONE can make a BEAUTIFUL, groovy website with it.

That is a lie, my friends.

I write and read and edit WordPress tutorials every day, it’s a big part of my job. I would hazard a guess that I know more about WordPress than the average person walking down the street. But every time I have to go into WordPress or update WordPress or fix WordPress, I cringe, because it’s a big, unwieldy, bloated awful piece of shit.

When you tell me that the average person who wants a website—but doesn’t know how to build one—should use WordPress because it’s EASY, I say you are a sadist and a cad. And possibly mentally disturbed. How dare you!







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