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    Well written! I enjoyed your piece written in 2013 as well. I’m very much, a Charles Bulowski fan, he has and will always be my top 3 favorite poets/ writers. I am a writer, but not professional by any meaning of the definition. I am a poet but not a “good” one….15+ years of stacks upon stacks of my proof of insanity collect dust in boxes marked Toxic. Hah hah.. At least I can have a good laugh at my ink scribblings. It passes the time. I don’t write crowd pleasing poetry… I am making an assumption as I’ve never shared more than a few pages of my toxic nonsense, however if I were to ever discover that my crazy was edited and hacked to pieces like the posthumous published books of Buk, Id feel violated in an unflattering way. I appreciate the list of hacked posthumous titles.. I was relieved none of which I own were on that list. Probably why I love all of his books, those of which were on the genuine list. Well, job well done in shedding light on the matter for those of us Bukowski fans

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