Charles Bukowski: the ultimate outsider? Maybe not.

Bukowski, Bukowski, Bukowski! And let us not forget civil servant weirdos, resisting the draft, spending all day in a bar, paying child support, living on a park bench, having a different kind of brain, fear of public speaking, skin magazines, TMZ, art generated by companies, critical mass, shaking your bush, the foolhardy and ultimately fruitless attempt to make Bukowski palatable to a wider audience, holiday shopping, Bob Marley, bombing churches, a Peter Tosh museum in Jamaica, Prince’s purple jacket, mausoleums, Jell-O, rust and Batman.

Links mentioned in the episode: Charles Bukowski, King of the Underground | Bukowski database | The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost | On Writing | On Cats | On Love

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - Charles Bukowski: the ultimate outsider? Maybe not.




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