Mat Gleason interview – part one – THIS IS NOT A TEST #13

In part one of my interview with iconoclastic Los Angeles art writer and gallerist Mat Gleason, we talk about the Los Angeles punk scene, The Atomic Cafe, the new paradigm, SST Records, the South Bay, conservative culture, art-as-time-machine, feminism, diversity, tolerance, Greg Ginn, Mike Ness, Mr. Brett Gurewitz, prog rock, The Misfits, the burden of facts, The Velvet Underground, Coagula Art Journal, Grad school, Mike Kelley, Green Day and careerism. Among other things.

In other words, a typical conversation with Mat.

Links mentioned in the episode:
Editor’s Life Unedited Atomic Cafe article
Coagula Art Journal
Coagula Curatorial (Mat’s gallery)

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This is not a test #13: Mat Gleason

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  • jodi bonassi Reply

    I enjoyed this. it was informative, entertaining and down to earth. Very nice.

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