Good evening St. Louis!

It’s hot outside – here in the northern hemisphere, anyway – so let’s talk about the San Gabriel mountains, the Sahara desert, soldering, female foxes, marketing things to women, painting guitars pink, Elektra Records, Jac Holzman, accidental business, jug bands, the Stooges, odd pieces of art, West Hollywood, isolation and a short story called, “Good evening St. Louis!”

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - Good evening St. Louis!





    • Monthly is the new daily, haven’t you heard?

      Or I could do it Netflix style…drop 8 or 10 episodes on one day then disappear for a year or so…

      Schedules are overrated. I stopped looking at listener stats late last year, but when I looked at them again a few weeks ago I saw that, oddly enough, when it was weekly the listener numbers were consistent – or flat, depending on how you want to characterize that – and when I changed to bi-weekly, they started going up, and they’re still going up.

      So I don’t think the weekly or bi-weekly thing is so important, or even what most people who listen want. I guess I’ll know if I go look at the stats again in six months and see that no one is listening. Then I’ll go back to bi-weekly. ;)

      And I may drop in random not-the-first-Saturday-of-the-month episodes too. Ideally I would like there to be no schedule. But I need a schedule – or more accurately, a deadline – or I’d still be working on episode #1.

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