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THIS IS NOT A TEST with Michael Phillips

How a Jacket Changed My Life

 This episode starts with a bang and just keeps bangin’ ’till the cows come home. LOL! LOL! We will discuss Jah Himself, hippies, Mahtomedi Minnesota, aliens, beaver, curry, secret handshakes, Toughskins, ski jackets, the birth of the puffy jacket and its early victims, living in your cousin’s basement, the leather store, the perfection of […]

You Know, That Stuff Will Kill You

 What is it about beer, or any alcohol, really, that makes us so…I don’t know, wonderful? Okay, it doesn’t make all of us wonderful, I’ll give you that. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to drink. I certainly shouldn’t have been allowed to drink when I was a young man, but no one stopped me, […]

My Bike Trip Across America

 Join me, won’t you, on an action-packed cross country bicycle trip that I undertook a few short decades ago, in the America of the late 1980s. Weren’t those glorious times? What with the Cold War, the Reagan presidency gracefully pirouetting into the Bush presidency, Iran-Contra, Oliver North, revered statesman Dan Quayle, precious baby Jessica […]

One hour photo, a short story – THIS IS NOT A TEST #35

Today I’m going to read you a story. Sit back, relax. Put your feet up. Pour yourself a tumbler of tequila or Bärenjäger. Get into your jammies. Or whatever you do. Subscribe!  iTunes – Stitcher – Email Comment Transcript

A Passport and a Clean Pair of Socks – THIS IS NOT A TEST #20

You really deserve a gripping, original podcast every week. One where I’m rhapsodizing about something I love but that you just don’t understand, or me frothing at the mouth over (a perceived) grievous social injustice. That’s what you deserve, but this week I’m going to read you a bit of a book I’m working on […]