Fear and loathing on craigslist

Misadventures in trying to give things away on the Internet. Also: dicking around, vacations, text messaging, ridiculously humid days, lying about your name, setting fires in your front yard, people at the post office, bubble wrap, the customer is usually wrong, the Recycler, that TV show about guys up in Maine buying and selling and bartering out of a weekly classifieds paper, selling guitars, blacksmithery, things like soap, riding the wave of change, the middle class, being frozen or suspended or whatever they do to preserve our flimsy bodies after we die and trust.

Also, as an added bonus, here’s a caption for the picture below: “Oh, hi handsome! Where did you come from? I was just reading this book with my butt. Care to join me?”

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - Fear and loathing on craigslist

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  1. Michael, I enjoyed your unpleasant experiences. I have been staring at the wall since 1999, and I intend to continue. It’s not broadly constructive, but what it does construct is inner peace, which is very valuable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wayward Pines, yeah. I started watching because of Matt what’s his name. And the first five were easily accessible on some cable feature I have (watch ’em quick because they do drop them off for the online pay for reruns or dvd releases). I’m worried that there will be a season two like with that glass dome series. After the first season of that one I gave up. Too much like an endless space cowboy soap.

    Best ad ever that I’ve heard of was back in the 1940s: guy was selling his homemade coffin. He said in the ad he got better.

    • I just watched the last Wayward Pines and it taught me that it’s okay to reject something like that. Just because you’ve invested X hours into it, it’s okay to say, “No, this is stupid and it makes me feel bad,” and get rid of it.

      Which we actually do sometimes, if it’s both Carol and I. But I’m less likely to give up when I’m watching alone. Until now! I feel as if I’ve been reborn!

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