You can make a statement, but keep it brief

Oh Canada, the San Gabriel Valley, LSD, white bread, the Oscar race (pretty sure he’s white – har har), the wonderful and marvelous (and now dead) Joe Frank, the proximity effect, Craigslist again because apparently I’m a masochist, and last but not least on this abbreviated episode for an abbreviated month: how I became a Bitcoin millionaire!

Links mentioned in the episode:
The 2015 Oscar ceremony wrap-up – THIS IS NOT A TEST #10
Fear and loathing on craigslist – THIS IS NOT A TEST #31

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - You can make a statement, but keep it brief


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  1. Since you brought up Joe Frank, I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of Bob Fass, another innovator of ‘good’ radio. He developed a show called Radio Unnameable that first aired in the NYC market circa 1963. Pretty good stuff. He took the name from a Samuel Beckett’s novel called The Unnameable. People closely associate him with the Yippies and Hippies, but I think of him more as a beat than a patchouli puffer.

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