THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - You Can't Always Get What You Want

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Hi. I’ve always been honest with you, except when I’m lying, so I have to say that I recorded this episode and put it on the shelf because I didn’t think it was good enough. “Good enough” being a subjective term, of course. But as it happens, I’m packing to move (again), which means there’s no time to come up with a replacement. So rather than leave a month-long hole in the schedule, I present you with this not-good-enough episode, where I talk about the death of Google Plus, shortwave radio, and rare books. When I emerge from the move and come up for air, I’ll let you know where I am in the world, and I’ll hit you with a top-notch, super-interesting, A-1 professional episode. Or just more of the same, that remains to be seen.

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - You Can't Always Get What You Want









2 responses to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

  1. loom high Avatar

    Google Plus…we aren’t all gone you know. Those 128 ghosts may be all who dare trudge the morbid muk of what used to be our home, but Google Plus communities still exist in various parts of the internet, in particular a vast population exists on MeWe in case you are curious. Interesting to consider that there is still that place where Plus pervaded.

    1. Michael Phillips Avatar
      Michael Phillips

      There’s something creepy and phony about MeWe that I can’t put my finger on because it creeps me out too much to hang around there and find out what it is that makes it creepy. But it feels like it’s being manipulated somehow, like two people in a cubicle somewhere are copying articles from the Whatever Times and sticking a Whatever Times logo on the group. I suspect it will be gone in a couple of years, but then you could say that about everything.

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