This protest is brought to you by American Express

Chaos and disorder fall upon a nation while millions march in the streets demanding…something. I’m just not sure what. So we may as well talk about protesting. And snakes, hot coals, stereo speakers, being polite, agitating, Century City, Reagan, patchouli, which hats are in fashion, Vietnam, the ERA, diet Coke, catastrophe and emergency, hypocrisy, mental illness, conscience, violent overthrow, economic pressure, Apartheid, inequality, having nothing to lose, lawyers, being part of the problem, being on the wrong side of the majority, lectures, solidarity, and tacos.

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - This protest is brought to you by American Express





  1. Just finished and didn’t yell at the speaker once. I walked outta the kitchen for a bit as the wife came in. After about 10 minutes she asked who was on the podcast. Well duh, it’s the LEGENDARY mjp. She says the lilt of your voice and vocabulary sounded like a 1970’s documentary. That’s a compliment….i think.

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