Getting to know me

Who am I?

That’s not an existential question, though I suppose it could be. But it occurs to me that many of you who are listening to this may not know much – or anything – about me, so you might rightfully wonder why the hell I’m here foisting my views and opinions onto an unsuspecting and uncaring world.

So here’s what amounts to my life story – the good bits anyway – in 30 minutes. Try doing that yourself some time. Though if you do, I should warn you that you may just realize that you haven’t really done much of anything. But that’s liberating in its own way. Right?

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - Getting to know me






    • Oh yeah. It was very progressive. So progressive that I didn’t learn anything. Well, except printing. In all fairness though, I doubt I would have learned any more in a real school setting.

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