“Unboxing” videos – the seventh sign of the apocalypse?

The strange and terrible world of unboxing videos, Facebook, the Book of Revelations, Heaven’s Gate, Marketing, Betamax recorders, Internet communities, the discomfort of silence, and more.

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - "Unboxing" videos - the seventh sign of the apocalypse?


Links mentioned in the episode:
World’s first unboxing video
Hosho McCreesh





  1. i’ve never seen this brought up in articles about ‘unboxing’ videos, but i personally think it’s more closely related to the wonderful world of ASMR videos (which many people think are totally wackadoo, but have helped me to sleep through many bouts of insomnia).

    p.s. i’m weeks behind on your PCs, so prepare for a glut of comments from me.

    • I talk about ASMR in #16. If you like it you’ll probably have something to say about what I say about it. ;) I guess I can see why you’d say there’s a connection there. The unboxing videos seem to be a lot more popular than the ASMR videos though, so there’s something else going on there.

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