Living simply: it sounds so…simple

How does one live simply when there is so much junk everywhere?

It’s a first-world problem, having too much stuff, I know. But here I am talking about it anyway.

On the way to that subject, you’ll also get to hear about how to be an awesome podcaster, landlords, eBay, yard sales, people in the 1920s, credit cards, and a teaser about a pretty cool upcoming episode.

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - Living simply: it sounds so...simple





  1. before i moved to the US 7 yrs ago, i had a fridge, washing machine and about 3 pieces of bedroom furniture + a stereo and a small shelf of books. i got rid of everything except 2 suitcases and one box of personal effects. it was awesome! when i moved a year ago, it took a large moving truck + several car trips (although obv that includes jordan’s stuff too).

    i fantasize about living in one of those Tiny Houses, and having pretty much no stuff, but i can’t let go of all this junk either. but the only good thing that comes out of the unique hell of house-moving: i’m way more motivated to be ruthless about what i actually want to keep, and the first couple months in a new place feel so uncluttered and nice. then it just starts building back up again.

    i was kinda relieved this new place has no garage, because it means we can’t hoard stuff – “ah fuck, maybe we’ll need it someday, but it’s huge and ugly, just throw it in the garage where we never have to look at it”.

    • That sounds familiar. I got rid of so much when we left San Pedro, and now seven years later it’s all back. And then some. I’d say I could do without a garage, but Carol couldn’t.

  2. LOL your mocking ironing board! I do feel your pain though. This is a great episode I just plucked out. I MUST declutter before I can really dive into my own business.

    • Well, the heater did get fixed. The landlord actually replaced it and the central air at the same time. So now we’re warm and cool and the ironing board stays where it belongs. For now, anyway.

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