Throw away your records – THIS IS NOT A TEST #6

Carol: “What’s your podcast about this week?”
Me: “Oh, you know, it’s about how CDs sound better than records, stuff like that.”
Carol: “What? You’re crazy, I think you’re wrong…”
Me: “I know, everyone thinks I’m wrong.”

But hear me out. Maybe I’m not completely crazy.

It’s funny, a lot of people sold, gave away or threw out their vinyl LPs in the 80s and 90s, and now they are out there buying them back from smug hipsters in tiny shops in Highland Park (or your city’s equivalent newly gentrified area). It would be a mistake to do the same thing with CDs, to ditch them because you feel they are as unfashionable as a glove compartment full of WHAM! cassettes.

I don’t talk about that specific thing in this episode, but I probably should have.

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6 Responses
  • hoochmonkey9 Reply

    Slow ride. Take it easy.

    Probably you’re best podcast so far. Because my opinion is so valuable, you’re welcome. Heh.

    • Michael Phillips Reply

      Thank you. One day I will get the hang of it. It’s still a little weird.

  • Justine Hurder Reply

    i bought a panasonic 61-CD changer stereo (i can’t remember how much it was, maybe between $600-800?) when i was about 16 and it worked beautifully and sounded amazing, right up until i moved to the US and stupidly gave it away.

    • Michael Phillips Reply

      I’ve always liked Panasonic stuff, I had a 50 CD changer – I think. Something like that. It held a lot of CDs. Anyway, they’re okay, but next time you’re here let me play you one song on the Teac CD player here. See what you think.

      • Justine Hurder Reply

        sure… as long as it’s not reggae ;-)

        • Michael Phillips Reply

          It’s PJ Harvey. It’s a good example because it was recorded when the world was mastering for CD and it just sounds incredible. Or maybe I just think it does. Anyway, you guys need a big stereo to make big music. It’s important.

          I would never play reggae for you or Jordan. I know you don’t get it. I thought Jordan’s reasoning was kind of weak (the accent is stupid?), but it doesn’t matter. Music either gets you or it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t, so what?

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