What’s in a name? (the drunk episode)

Why do we name things the way we do? How do we come up with the terms we use every day? Language is a funny thing.

I’ll also talk about asbestos, pizza, the military, news people, ASMR, scientists, stink bugs, audiophiles (again), Dianetics, being uneducated, Deadwood, artist’s statements, belonging, communicating, and the rise of our evil canine overlords.

Warning: I should mention that I was kind of drunk when I recorded this one. Or more drunk than I usually am. So I would suggest that for the optimal listening experience, you also have two or three (or eight) drinks before you listen. Level the playing field. I was tempted to re-record it when I was slightly less drunk, but then I thought, fuck it, so here you go.

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - What's in a name? (the drunk episode)





  1. I haven’t listened to this yet, just wanted to say that’s a great picture of Louise Brooks. Because you needed to know what I thought of your picture choice, right? Right.

    • Yes, I do need to know. Thank you, there were many old pictures of drunk people to choose from, but somehow this one represents my relationship with temptress bourbon more realistically.

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