Mat Gleason interview – part two

In part two of my interview with iconoclastic Los Angeles art writer and gallerist Mat Gleason, we talk about art schools, MFAs, philosophy, Catholic school, Nietzsche, Goldman Sachs, capitalism, mercantilism, consistency, selling out vs. sneaking in, loyalties, art about art, artist’s statements, Nicole Panter, CalArts, the cost of transparency, Art World Boot Camp, Tower Records, President Reagan and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Art World Boot Camp

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - Mat Gleason interview - part two




  1. I appreciated that one. I still owe 1300. in student loans and I’m just about dead. I remember that class where we were to write our artist statements. It was probably the most important class if you were going to be anything. I remember being mortified, screaming that I was not taking theatre. I see that it has not changed.

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