THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - The Guerilla Poetics Project

The Guerilla Poetics Project

An admittedly biased one-man oral history of the Guerilla Poetics Project, including tricky vampire doctors, sharks, unknown poets, databases, voting blind, Ginsu knives, explaining Netflix to a monkey, swag, pawn shops, mysterious collectives, going viral, human nature, ending strong, the extinction of retail book stores (maybe), vinyl LPs, The Beatles fan club and minor miracles.

Links mentioned in the episode:
Guerilla Poetics Project
Download the GPP Reader

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - The Guerilla Poetics Project



Bonus track! A list of all of the Guerilla Poetics Project poets:
Paul Adler, Kaveh Akbar, David Barker, Justin Barrett, Miles J. Bell, F.J. Bergmann, Luis C. Berriozabal, Ben Blackwell, Alan Catlin, Leonard J. Cirino, Glenn W Cooper, Christopher Cunningham, Jeff Fleming, Nathan Graziano, S.A. Griffin, Sharon Kessler, Karl Koweski, Richard Krech, Father Luke, Adrian Manning, C.O. Mccauley, Hosho McCreesh, Brian Mcgettrick, Amanda Oaks, Bob Pajich, Kathleen Paul-Flanagan, Michael Phillips, C. Allen Rearick, Charles P. Ries, Owen Roberts, Ross Runfola, William Taylor, Jr., Dale Wisely.








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