11 Replies to “Remembering Trevy Felix – THIS IS NOT A TEST #36”

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    virgil bland

    thx,i was close to both of them and loved your reflection.did you attend boomshaka mem.show in l.a. i was in big bear at that time but could not reach.

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    Marie-Louise Neijts

    I just came across this again. In 2015 I had just discovered the music of Trevy Felix and Nelly Stharre and I totally loved their songs and videos, such as Dread Act and Rivers of Love. When the bad news hit the Internet I was so shocked and I frantically tried to find more information. I just couldn’t believe it all. There was hardly any info to be found and so your remembrance was more than welcome. It gave a good impression of Trevy and the kind of person he was. I really appreciated it at the time and still do now. So a belated big thank you!!!

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    nick winlund

    I saw Boom Shaka in the early 2000’s at the WOW Hall in Eugene, OR when they were on tour. We hung out with Trevy backstage afterwards. I just started listening to the “Resistance” and “African Roots” albums. I wish I had known him more. I am optimistic about the future of reggae music. There are lots of great artists like Chronixx, Jah9, Kabaka Pyramid, Protoje, etc. I’m glad that you have those memories of Trevy!

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