Remembering Trevy Felix – THIS IS NOT A TEST #36

Trevy Felix of Boom Shaka and his companion Nelly Stharre were found dead on August 19th in the burned remains of the house where they lived in the hills of Dominica. Trevy was a friend for almost 30 years, so here’s a little remembrance.

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7 Responses
  • Joel Reply

    Beautifully written Michael, thanks!

  • Owen Reply

    I didn’t want it to end.

  • Michael Phillips Reply

    Thanks guys. If it worked for you then I must have been on the right track.

  • Lisa Holtzman Reply

    Those were the days when I first met you. Boom Shaka was pretty cool. I’m sorry about Trevy, I know how hard that kind of loss can be.

  • virgil bland Reply

    thx,i was close to both of them and loved your reflection.did you attend boomshaka in l.a. i was in big bear at that time but could not reach.

    • Michael Phillips Reply

      Hi Virgil. No, I didn’t go to the memorial show. I wasn’t up for a memorial so soon. Trevy’s brother Ray is planning an annual festival though, starting next February in Dominica.

  • virgil bland Reply

    did you here any of his later african music w/sista nell?

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