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Remembering Trevy Felix – THIS IS NOT A TEST #36

Trevy Felix of Boom Shaka and his companion Nelly Stharre were found dead on August 19th in the burned remains of the house where they lived in the hills of Dominica. Trevy was a friend for almost 30 years, so here’s a little remembrance.

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  1. thx,i was close to both of them and loved your reflection.did you attend boomshaka in l.a. i was in big bear at that time but could not reach.

  2. I just came across this again. In 2015 I had just discovered the music of Trevy Felix and Nelly Stharre and I totally loved their songs and videos, such as Dread Act and Rivers of Love. When the bad news hit the Internet I was so shocked and I frantically tried to find more information. I just couldn’t believe it all. There was hardly any info to be found and so your remembrance was more than welcome. It gave a good impression of Trevy and the kind of person he was. I really appreciated it at the time and still do now. So a belated big thank you!!!

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