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THIS IS NOT A TEST with Michael Jerome Phillips

THIS IS NOT A TEST, with your pal and confidant Michael Jerome Phillips

Music marketing, or: how to buy the same song 15 times – THIS IS NOT A TEST #47

We’ve all done it, bought a song – or an entire album – that we already have. Do you blame technology or marketing? While we ponder that we’ll also ponder getting your arm chopped off in big piece of farm equipment, chance, luck, chaos, the Pope, opinions, monkey meat, The Beatles, The Monkees, Victrolas, 8-tracks, leaving your cassettes in a hot car, cynical attempts to separate you from your money, remastering, plastic apples, Blink 182, 180 gram vinyl, Thanksgiving dinner at your parents house, skinny jeans and the shithole that is Stitcher.

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