Memoirs, overturned food carts and new stereo gear

Amble down the path with me, if you will, toward finishing the writing of books, promoting and getting reviewers to read said books, plastic, and metal, pushing birds out of nests, motors with moxie, selling window fans, oral histories, Roger Steffens and Bob Marley, faulty and fragile memories, tipping over a street vendor’s cart because you’re an asshole, Slash, doxing, lynching and the Sony HAP S1/B as lord and savior.

Links mentioned in the episode:
So Much Things to Say: The Oral History of Bob Marley

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - Memoirs, overturned food carts and new stereo gear


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  1. This was pretty good, I really enjoyed it. On the first topic you went on, about memories and memoirs, what do you think of Malcolm X’s autobiography? (If you’ve read it, If not you should)

    • I read it several times when I was in my 20s. Do I think it’s 100% accurate and “true”? No. But I think Haley admitted as much. It was very good for what it was. Seems to me that a really truthfully written autobiography by anyone like Malcolm X would be seen as “too extreme” by most people, because Malcolm had some extreme ideas. That’s why he was great.

      • Gotta say I agree, how much do you think the openness towards white people that was expressed towards the end of the autobiography was manufactured or fake? To me it seems that at least some of it was true, but I could just be biased.

        • Going to Mecca absolutely changed his mind about the differences between people (or ultimate lack thereof). But – he came back to America, so reality is reality. How long can a black person sit in 1960s America and say “No, really, white people are cool.” Not very long, I’d think. Because the reality was most white people weren’t cool.

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