Happiness is a warm gun

You have to wonder about things like guns, and June Gloom, the LGBLT community, preaching love, calling things “the worst in U.S. history,” Wounded Knee, your high school history book, wars, genocide, subjugation, cupcakes, immigrants and queers, throwing rocks at politicians, gun control, unemployment checks, Kickstarter, the emperor’s new clothes, swimming upstream, fluffing up your eggs, the NRA, Jesus Christ himself, your fellow citizens, Mexican hats, rumpus rooms, 7-11, Wyatt Earp, Vivienne Westwood boots, cops, taking care of each other and Phil Hendrie.

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - Happiness is a warm gun




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  1. When I mentioned one of your Indian death references to a 17 year old He came back to me 3 hours later and mumbled something about Single Perpetrator and wandered away with his homemade hamburger.

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