Essential Bukowski – and a few non-essentials just for the hell of it

It’s Bukowski time again, sort of, and along the way we may or may not touch on hair again, hopping on pop, nuclear winter, Ronald Reagan, “Baby, it’s cold outside,” Christmas songs, Cap’n Crunch, slapping broads around, male privilege, Rudy Vallee, amplified ants, Vietnam, the looming Trump era as a glass-half-full kind of thing, how you suck at doing Christmas, Rupert Murdoch, Abel Debritto, tarring and feathering, reruns of Seinfeld, breaking people who don’t want to talk, in praise of killing some trees, diseased pilgrims, Google cardboard and all virtual reality, ViewMaster, chirpwatch and pie and coffee.

Links mentioned in the episode:
Essential Bukowski: Poetry
On Writing
On Cats
On Love

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - Essential Bukowski - and a few non-essentials just for the hell of it





  1. Pie & coffee you say? Ha! That’s me. Apple pie a la mode. It’s my French-Canadian background I tell ya. That’s why we continue to listen man. You’re like, so relatable brother. Dig.

  2. Xmas seems so long ago. Local p.m. drive radio show on CBC (the national network) was looking for “alt xmas” tunes. I managed to con them into playing “Christmas Eve Can Kill You” by The Everly Brothers. Written by the same guy who did “Burning Love” for Elvis. Yeah, “Sock It To Me Santa”. Xmas 2017. Looking forward to it. Sure.

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