Billionaires, mass shootings and other tidbits for your leisure time perusal – THIS IS NOT A TEST #50

Including thrilling tales of riding bikes up the side of mountains, financing the Napoleonic Wars, “monetizing” every human, sending the nanny to CVS in a chauffeur driven Bentley, Mork from Ork, the last can of beans in Pasadena, mental illness, speaking to the unborn, sashaying in the halls of Congress, marking the passage of time, Pizza Hut, Steely Dan and United States Savings Bonds.

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4 Responses
  • Globalist Rave Reply

    It was an enjoyable podcast. Thanks for taking the time fir sharing your thoughts. It’s like listening to Bukowski reciting his poetry.

    • Michael Phillips Reply

      You’re too kind.

  • Hosh Reply

    I especially enjoyed the message to the unborn.

    Send free stuff c/of my home address.

    • Michael Phillips Reply

      You know I’m all about the unborn. Check’s in the mail. Don’t cash it until next year though.

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