Adios Bukowski Forum

This one is about the demise of the Charles Bukowski forum, but then for some reason about halfway through I start talking about old-time independent record stores. Places like Three Acre Wood and Northern Lights in St. Paul, and Oarfolkjokeopus in Minneapolis. You might also hear me mention, if you listen real closely, the Prince “Sign “O” The Times” box set, jackassery, Alaska, telling the internet you’re eating a hamburger, Instant Karma!, The Beatles, KISS, freaks, riding the bus, and accidental or coincidental fate.

Links mentioned in the episode:
Let us rave today, about things that are raveworthy (Stephen Hines book)

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - Adios Bukowski Forum

Three Acre Wood record store
On the left, the Three Acre Wood record store on 7th Street, downtown St. Paul. And off in the distance, on the other side of the street, the windows of my corner apartment.





  1. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve gotten more out of the Bukowski forum than anyone (specifically, an incomparable life partner named Justine), so I’m certainly sad to see it go… although as you pointed out, it was possible for me to drop in and out over the past years as I pleased (mostly as a lurker since the cookie that held my password had long expired and I didn’t bother logging in), and you don’t have that luxury. So I guess I should just say thanks and try to make that “thanks” expansive enough to include all the time and money you poured into the site. I discovered the forum right at the beginning of 2007, when my life just happened to be at a crossroads and I was in between careers, cities, girlfriends, hobbies, etc. It’s probably overstating it to say that my time on the forum laid the groundwork for who I am today, but it was certainly there while I was laying that groundwork, and I’ll never forget it.

    • No doubt you reaped some extra benefits. ;) That’s always been one of my favorite things about the forum. That people connected in the meat world after meeting on the forum. And you two, for sure, are still a couple of our favorite people.

      15 years is a good rum for a forum. I’d say it probably outlived 99.99% of the other forums that have come and gone in the past couple of decades.

  2. Reasonknot my friend, sparetime ain’t what it used to be and besides that you’ve got thousands of hours of music to listen to. Not to mention, manuscripts to add to which is definitely way more or atleast equally as important. (As jackrabbits and roadrunners rapidly compete for exposure in your backyard.)

  3. Alone
    What is alone unless something in your mind. But that in itself is contradictory because thinking about being alone is not actually alone. Your mind is your companion. Your confidant. Your pal
    Want a friend
    Buy a dog
    Or two

    That feeling. Gutural pressure. Alone. It’s not there. It’s not real
    Or is it
    I’d rather be alone honestly. Or would I? If my mind is my pal, I’m not alone. Ever. All I want is to be alone. Forget what I know. Just for the time being.
    So I guess I’ll have another beer. Another scotch. Maybe wine. Erase my mind.
    That’s better.
    What was I saying

    I miss the bukowski forum

    -Huck Finn

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