THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - A Trip to Bukowski's House

A Trip to Bukowski’s House

Over the river and through the woods, to Bukowski’s house we go. This is just me talking about what it was like there, and how I wound up there. It’s a brief tale that I thought you’d like to hear. But don’t let it inspire you to go to Bukowski’s house uninvited. That wouldn’t be cool. Don’t be that person. In California you can shoot someone through your front door and never see the inside of a police station for doing it, keep that in mind as you go about your day. It’s probably a good thing to keep in mind in general, as a rule for a happy life.

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - A Trip to Bukowski's House


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  1. matherschneider Avatar

    Very nice podcast, Phillips. The whole, “I’m not gonna tell you what we talked about because that’s none of your business” was annoying. Not that I care what you talked about but that you had to make that point. Twice. But all in all, very touching podcast. Sure would be nice to see that room. Good one.

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