A cashless society: believe it or not!

Are we sure we want a cashless society? Are we sure we want to hear about Victorian-era language, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, delivering mail, buildings made from a single tree, Fiji Mermaids, Odditoriums, teenage vampire novels, working dogs from the UK, casinos, Taco Bell, the genius of credit card companies, above ground pools, iris scans, noisy metal boxes, poodle skirts, poop, Tony Soprano, corsets, coconuts, Wall Street douchebags, jasmine blossoms, conspiracy theories, one-percenters and “bros?” Are we sure about anything?

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - A cashless society: believe it or not!





  1. I left off off at episode 51. I already listen to the other 50 episodes and it was somewhat enjoyable with episode 41 being the one that I have been listening to over and over because I haven’t deleted it yet.

    • > I left off off at episode 51.

      Well, #51 was called “Maybe you should give up,” so I guess that would be a good place to stop.

  2. Holy shit it is called “Maybe you should give up”! I’ll give up once you stop uploading your podcast. It’s great listening while I take my evening stool or is it stroll?!?

    • Thanks, it’s a pleasure and a privilege to stroll with you.

      I will not, however, stool with you.

      Just want to set some boundaries.

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