THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - 8 Rock And Roll Memoir Reviews

8 Rock And Roll Memoir Reviews

I love autobiographies and I love rock and roll in all its many hairy permutations, so what could be better than reviewing a stack of autobiographies written by musicians? That’s a rhetorical question, I’m going to do it anyway. By chance I may also speak of Rachel Dolezal (again), Compton’s Most Wanted, White Indians, survivalist cults, Saturday Night Live, jumping off a cliff after work and prophesies foretold.

Books mentioned in the episode:
Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? by Steven Tyler, No Regrets by Ace Frehley, No More Mr Nice Guy: The Inside Story of the Alice Cooper Group by Michael Bruce with Billy James, I Need More by Iggy Pop, Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon, A Dead Boy’s Tale by Cheetah Chrome, Neon Angel by Cherie Currie, Blabbermouth by Terre Roche.

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - 8 Rock And Roll Memoir Reviews









2 responses to “8 Rock And Roll Memoir Reviews”

  1. Brian Pratt Avatar

    Only have a couple of those memoirs — I Need More and Neon Angel. Wish I had known about the Michael Bruce one when it was published, I might have went for that one. But not now at $100+. Alice Cooper’s Golf Monster wasn’t so great but I got it cheap. And Dennis Dunaway’s Snakes! Guillotines! is promising. Half way through it and we’ve only got into the studio for Pretties. Canadian ones I’ve liked are I, Shithead by Joe Keithley (of DOA) and Guilty of Everything by John Armstrong (Buck Cherry of The Modernettes). Best of the ones I’ve read is Stompin’ Tom Connors’ Before The Fame, traveling, working and playing up till he got his first recording done in 1967.

    1. Michael Phillips Avatar
      Michael Phillips

      You reminded me of one of the best musician autobiographies I ever read: Just for the Record by David Allan Coe. I can’t find the thing on my shelf, which is probably why I didn’t include it here. A good one though.

      Alice Coopers first autobiography was called, “Me, Alice,” and it’s 4 or 5 times more expensive than the Bruce book, which is why I’ve never read it. I just saw Dunaway’s for the first time yesterday so I sent it to the tablet to read.

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