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THIS IS NOT A TEST with Michael Jerome Phillips

THIS IS NOT A TEST, with your pal and confidant Michael Jerome Phillips

Facebook. Ever heard of it? THIS IS NOT A TEST #38

This Facebook thing, think it’ll catch on? Also, gay marriage in Kentucky, cats are henchmen for the dark overlord, knock-off Prada bags, Soviet apartments, geocities, pictures of car wrecks, chosing convenience over quality, hedge funds, the Holstee Manifesto, five thousand dollar bicycles, mystery meat, snake oil, those Victorian-era bikes with the giant wheels, taxidermied deer feet, 80 year old hammers, wiping your ass with a corncob and Ben Franklin.

Links mentioned in the episode:
The Holstee Manifesto, or; If you have to tell me how cool you are, you aren’t cool
I love the Victorian era. So I decided to live in it.

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