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THIS IS NOT A TEST with Michael Jerome Phillips

THIS IS NOT A TEST, with your pal and confidant Michael Jerome Phillips

Would you like to come up and see my etchings? THIS IS NOT A TEST #43

On tap today: collecting things, completism, Catcher in the Rye, TV Guide magazine, bottle caps, cat-eye sunglasses, Circus, CREEM and Rock Scene magazines, box rattlers, sealing things in hard plastic, View-Master, King Tut, silver dollars, binding sniffers, Mantle rookie cards, Electro Harmonix pedals, The Wormwood Review, The Wailers, Elvis tie racks, being no-nonsense and domesticating wolves.

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  1. You haven’t realised yet that nobody gives a fuck about you or your impotent mewling?
    Fuck you mjp you ridiculous prick

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