Interview with Carol Es: Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley (transcript)

Published April 6th, 2019

Wait, wouldn’t you rather listen? Reading is so 20th century, and besides, this is a transcript of an audio presentation that was meant to be heard with your ears. Follow this link to podcast happiness.

A hibbity hop and a flibbity flop, and a poke in the eye from the pork chop guy, it is I, indeed and in fact, Michael Phillips, in the flesh, blood and toil, and this – well, if you did not yet know, THIS IS NOT A TEST. THIS IS NOT A TEST is your regular, reliable, resplendent, full-spectrum, high frequency audio supplement, fit for kings queens and in-betweens, and as always and as ever, I am pleased and privileged to have your ear for the next 30 minutes or so.

Last summer you may have heard my Interview with artist and writer Carol Es where she talked about her recently completed memoir, Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley. Well, the book has been published and it’s being released today. I realize that “today” has no meaning in this world where you may listen to this on Thursday or Monday or in November or in a space pod in 2112, but today is April 6th, 2019, and Shrapnel is raining down over the globe.

So who better to have back for an encore performance than Carol Es her own self…

Listen to the podcast to hear the interview.