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Go Fly a Kite and Other Mild Insults

Hi, remember me? I thought you might like to talk about dogs, jobs, moms, flying kites and Jolly Rogers, sleeping on pool tables, corn, Mai Tais with Buddha, white Christmas, metadata, Showtime at The Apollo, which Sex in the City character are you?, getting old, Christmas music, Van Morrison, The Wailers, fistfights, puppetheads, Joe Strummer, particles, white people, Survivor, Trevy, patois, Rastafari, appreciation vs. appropriation, Cross Colours jackets, why you should stop telling people you’re a DJ, and propane in the membrane.

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Jolly Roger kites rule


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  1. Hi MJP, so glad you are back! My husband and I are in Santa Monica for PhotoLA and were just talking about you yesterday. I was telling him how much I enjoy your podcasts and have missed them these past few months. Just downloaded your latest and and looking forward to listening to it!

    1. That must have been the ringing in my ears…you talking about the podcast. ;) It’s been a minute, but it’s still the same as it ever was. As the kids say.

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