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THIS IS NOT A TEST with Michael Jerome Phillips

THIS IS NOT A TEST, with your pal and confidant Michael Jerome Phillips

CBGB: They paved paradise and pulled up a taco truck – THIS IS NOT A TEST #53

Blabbing about CBGB, Lemmy from Motorhead, making up new words, 20/20 hindsight, attitude and inspiration, being in the right place at the right time, chess, flophouses, saloons, sewage, little black boxes full of people, bass guitar strings and their durability in the face of continued abuse, the Longhorn in Minneapolis, moping (not mopping), lying around all day fanning yourself, boxer briefs, punk rock as a “brand,” the Johnny Thunders replica guitar, cement mixers, scrapes and scars, contrived legitimacy, leather jackets, building stoves, gangs of hooligans, the jazz age, Whitney Houston, paying too much for movies and pretending to be the mayor’s son.

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