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Throw away your records – THIS IS NOT A TEST #6

Carol: “What’s your podcast about this week?”
Me: “Oh, you know, it’s about how CDs sound better than records, stuff like that.”
Carol: “What? You’re crazy, I think you’re wrong…”
Me: “I know, everyone thinks I’m wrong.”

But hear me out. Maybe I’m not completely crazy.

It’s funny, a lot of people sold, gave away or threw out their vinyl LPs in the 80s and 90s, and now they are out there buying them back from smug hipsters in tiny shops in Highland Park (or your city’s equivalent newly gentrified area). It would be a mistake to do the same thing with CDs, to ditch them because you feel they are as unfashionable as a glove compartment full of WHAM! cassettes.

I don’t talk about that specific thing in this episode, but I probably should have.

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Getting to know me – THIS IS NOT A TEST #5

Who am I?

That’s not an existential question, though I suppose it could be. But it occurs to me that many of you who are listening to this may not know much – or anything – about me, so you might rightfully wonder why the hell I’m here foisting my views and opinions onto an unsuspecting and uncaring world.

So here’s what amounts to my life story – the good bits anyway – in 30 minutes. Try doing that yourself some time. Though if you do, I should warn you that you may just realize that you haven’t really done much of anything. But that’s liberating in its own way. Right?

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Size matters

Turns out I was making the audio files way too large. Twice the size they needed to be. So I’ve remedied that and replaced all of the existing episodes with their thinner and more chic counterparts.

If 64k is good enough for NPR and the BBC, I suppose it’s good enough for us here.

I’ll figure this stuff out eventually. You know, probably.

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Cultural pioneers – THIS IS NOT A TEST #4

Wherein I talk about disco, Mad Max, the music business, Louise Brooks, disillusionment, boredom and death metal bands.

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Los Angeles artist Carol Es – THIS IS NOT A TEST #3

Wherein I speak to artist Carol Es about artists being put into boxes, process, music, the value of art and risk taking.

You can (and should!) check out her art right here.

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The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost – THIS IS NOT A TEST #2

Wherein I lay the sad tale of the senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press at your feet. Do with it what you will.

You can read more about the subject here.

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Getting to know you – THIS IS NOT A TEST #1

Wherein I introduce myself to you and attempt to explain what This is not a test will be. Or what I hope or promise it will be. No guarantees implied.

Set your expectations to LOW and hop on.


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Leaving the terminal

This is where the mjp Books THIS IS NOT A TEST podcast will live in 2015.

Preparing for takeoff.



No, I don’t use all of these microphones, this picture was taken during a period of rigorous scientific testing.


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