How a Jacket Changed My Life

This episode starts with a bang and just keeps bangin’ ’till the cows come home. LOL! LOL! We will discuss Jah Himself, hippies, Mahtomedi Minnesota, aliens, beaver, curry, secret handshakes, Toughskins, ski jackets, the birth of the puffy jacket and its early victims, living in your cousin’s basement, the leather store, the perfection of the Schott Perfecto, molesting outerwear, getting the shit kicked out of you, feeling invincible, being invincible, magic, romance, chaos, Sonny Vincent, being twins with your girlfriend, what is cool? osmosis, chaos and upheaval, writing the story that no one else will write.

THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - How a Jacket Changed My Life


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THIS IS NOT A TEST Podcast - How a Jacket Changed My Life 2



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  1. you were the coolest with your Leather Jacket! you let me wear it briefly so I could impress some people I use to work with

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