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THIS IS NOT A TEST with Michael Jerome Phillips

THIS IS NOT A TEST, with your pal and confidant Michael Jerome Phillips

The begging culture of the Internet – THIS IS NOT A TEST #21

Kickstarter, Patreon, tip jars, donate buttons – some days when I’m bouncing around the web it feels like I’m idling at a freeway entrance ramp and the entire web is a cardboard WILL WORK FOR FOOD sign. I may also mention things like B. B. King, Charles Lindbergh, PayPal, fan sites, scanner bulbs, lyric sites, bots, forums, crime, gauze, […]

A Passport and a Clean Pair of Socks – THIS IS NOT A TEST #20

You really deserve a gripping, original podcast every week. One where I’m rhapsodizing about something I love but that you just don’t understand, or me frothing at the mouth over (a perceived) grievous social injustice. That’s what you deserve, but this week I’m going to read you a bit of a book I’m working on […]

God bless our troops – THIS IS NOT A TEST #19

You may also hear me talking about office chairs, Malcolm Gladwell, technical people not being great communicators, baking pies, fundamentalism, the death of white America, dinosaurs, carbon, Rodney King, living in a cave in the desert, heads on pikes, Mad Max, Goethe and Mozart. Subscribe!  iTunes – Stitcher – Email Comment Transcript

Is this the Golden Age of TV, or is it all just fool’s gold? THIS IS NOT A TEST #18

I might also mention airport security, the lack of seasons in Los Angeles, VCRs, fish heads, what I would do if I was smart, the Pony Express, Mark Twain, Costco, giraffes, world travel and sitting and doing nothing. Subscribe!  iTunes – Stitcher – Email Comment Transcript

The death of the middle class, The New Media Expo and Bob Heil – THIS IS NOT A TEST #17

Also in this action-packed episode: The Podcast Awards, what entrepreneurs do, chickens, gas stations, bars, rock concerts and room service hamburgers. Subscribe!  iTunes – Stitcher – Email Comment Transcript

What’s in a name? (the drunk episode) – THIS IS NOT A TEST #16

Why do we name things the way we do? How do we come up with the terms we use every day? Language is a funny thing. I’ll also talk about asbestos, pizza, the military, news people, ASMR, scientists, stink bugs, audiophiles (again), Dianetics, being uneducated, Deadwood, artist’s statements, belonging, communicating, and the rise of our evil canine […]

The 10th Annual Podcast Awards – THIS IS NOT A TEST #15

This one is about the Podcast Awards (yes, that’s a real thing), but I might also mention Carol’s art show, NMX, NAB, what conferences and trade shows really are, Las Vegas, desperation, The Rose Parade, The Webbys, Smurfs, and a few other things along the way. What can I say, my mind wanders. Subscribe!  iTunes – Stitcher – […]

Mat Gleason interview – part two – THIS IS NOT A TEST #14

In part two of my interview with iconoclastic Los Angeles art writer and gallerist Mat Gleason, we talk about art schools, MFAs, philosophy, Catholic school, Nietzsche, Goldman Sachs, capitalism, mercantilism, consistency, selling out vs. sneaking in, loyalties, art about art, artist’s statements, Nicole Panter, CalArts, the cost of transparency, Art World Boot Camp, Tower Records, President Reagan and […]