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THIS IS NOT A TEST, with your pal and confidant Michael Jerome Phillips

Charles Bukowski: let’s kill a few myths – THIS IS NOT A TEST #29

It’s time to get to the bottom of Charles Bukowski’s “10 year drunk” and many other Bukowski myths. Also, taking it easy in Greece, Pearl Harbor, meditation, BMWs, expensive wine and a veritable slew of new Bukowski books due out later this year. Links mentioned in the episode: The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost […]

It’s July 4th, do you know where your independence is? THIS IS NOT A TEST #28

It’s the 4th of July, what better day to talk about independence. We’ll wave the flag and maybe talk about some other things, like the President, Marc Maron, Rolling Stone and the Rolling Stones, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Joan Jett and the Runaways, the Sex Pistols and Green Day, blowing shit up, refusing to kiss the king’s ring, weasels, politicians, tough […]

TED: A virus worth spreading – THIS IS NOT A TEST #27

TED, changing the world one robot at a time. Also, Big Brother, camping, Comic-Con, the Rolling Stones, the south pole, smallpox, selfies, throwing shade and ice cream on my nose. Links mentioned in the episode: Google spreadsheet listing every TED talk Subscribe!  iTunes – Stitcher – Email Comment Transcript

8 Rock And Roll Memoir Reviews – THIS IS NOT A TEST #26

I love autobiographies and I love rock and roll in all its many hairy permutations, so what could be better than reviewing a stack of autobiographies written by musicians? That’s a rhetorical question, I’m going to do it anyway. By chance I may also speak of Rachel Dolezal (again), Compton’s Most Wanted, White Indians, survivalist cults, Saturday Night Live, jumping […]

The eternal search for the next new sound – THIS IS NOT A TEST #25

Thrill to the new sound of me talking about Rachel Dolezal, dreadlocks, our old friend the Internet, Bob Marley and the Wailers, the Vocoder, the tinny clang of the 80s, electric guitars, triggers, metal kids, mistakes, Gramophones, fuzzy noisemakers, the Mellotron, Guitar Center, Louis Armstrong, transcendence, cocked wahs, bagpipes and momentum. Subscribe!  iTunes – Stitcher – Email Comment Transcript

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – THIS IS NOT A TEST #24

Well, I have a little chest congestion, so forgive the slight wheezing as I talk about President Obama, the Los Angeles Clippers, fast forwarding, neighbors, construction, This Old House as porn, people who are good at what they do, working on Sunday, the history of sticking windows into walls, the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, chatty Cathy, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, corrugated fiberglass, Styrofoam heads, evidence of a […]

Seeking the analog in a digital world – THIS IS NOT A TEST #23

Starring Mary Ellen Mark, Bukowski’s LouJon press books, book art, letterpress, getting your hands dirty, kissing the paper, manual typewriters, nostalgia, home tanneries in Brooklyn, synthesizers, late 50s Les Pauls, craftsmanship, Kalamazoo Michigan, robots, green wood, perpetual motion, Detroit steel, making rich people more rich, buying Bukowski’s boyhood home, gentrification, turning all of Los Angeles […]

Hey politicians, enough with the Jesus talk already – THIS IS NOT A TEST #22

If you listen very carefully you may also hear me say something about ripping CDs, Google Play Music, The Philadelphia train wreck, the World Trade Center, Hiroshima, Jesus H. Christ, Antonio Villaraigosa, death, The American Journal of Psychiatry, communism, chicken pot pies (oh wait, I didn’t talk about that, I’m just really hungry right now), […]